Employee Communication Solution Used by Adani Mining Group

About This Project

Adani Group’s, Mining Company – India is using Snapcomms three different Communication Channels for internal employee communication at their HO & PAN India Offices.

They are using a Cloud Hosted Model with their HR & Marketing Team managing & Driving the Communication Software.

Three Channels used by Adani are:

  • Desktop Alert – They publish important information and Announcement via pop ups. Also Employee Computers Wallpaper policy is managed through tool’s Wallpaper Channel
  •  Scrolling Ticker – Events, Reminders and ‘RSS’ Feed are rolled out to all or targeted employees via ticker channel
  •  Quiz/Survey Channel – This Channels is extensively used by Adani to measure communication effectiveness and built employee engagement. Through the reporting section they are able to gauge how many users have read the messages, submitted response and how many have not.
Employee Communication