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Ampacto Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Our Core Specialty includes providing & consulting Clients in India for Digital Signage Solutions (Cloud or On Premise), Digital Menu Boards, Video Walls, Interactive Kiosk, Touch Screen Overlay and Queue Management System and Employee Communication for Hospital, Banks or Corporate. In compare to traditional print media, digitalising content helps companies to attract attention, reduce cost, increase business, improve brand value, engage with customers, control and manage all things centrally.

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Meeting Room Booking System

Room Booking Software

Room Reserve (Meeting Room Booking Software) is a dynamic scheduler software which allows you to quickly and efficiently book and arrange meetings and other real and virtual gatherings with in corporate offices, hospitality & tourism, convention centres and hospitals having meeting rooms, banquet halls and conference rooms. Up to date meeting information can be displayed with room signage. It also allows spot booking, end or extend the meeting and check availability for future timings.

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Queue Management System

Token Management Tool

Queuemate (Token Management) is set up to manage ticket ranking for a service, thus enables a stress-free waiting (without having to wait in a queue, one behind the other). The system provides easy audio-visual means for directing customers, friendly user interface for agents to manage lines and call customers forward, and useful tools for managers to control the level of service and get performance stats.

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Kiosk & Digital Standee

Jarma Technologies is offering a complete solution on Advertising Standees and Kiosk for Digital Content Communication. Jarma provides different Shapes, Sizes, Brand & Material Digital Kiosk Enclosure and Screen with Signage Software to run content either full screen or in multiple layouts. Gone are the traditional ways of displaying static print media instead a cost effective method is to use Digital Kiosk where one can easily show high definition content that can be managed centrally and can easily be set in any surrounding. Kiosk are highly useful at Airports, Retails Shops, Malls, Corporate Offices, Hospitals or any place where communication is needed.

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LED Displays Screens

Jarma provides LED Module Large Screens Displays of different sizes be it Indoor or Outdoor that are high quality robust LED Panel cabinet that can run Content FULL HD or in 4K resolution. Different Pixel Sizes and Brightness levels are available with various options that can suit Customers requirement and budget. Large Screen Indoor Videowalls can be installed in Auditoriums, Reception, Malls or any other place where customer attention is required. Outdoor LED display screens are nowadays commonly used for Out of home advertising. Easy in maintenance these can be easily managed centrally, controlled & monitored with Ampacto Signage Software

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Wayfinder or Pathfinder Solution from Jarma Technologies is a perfect solution for large area malls, airports, campuses or industrial units where finding a location is a difficult task for visiting client or vendor. Jarma’s Wayfinding solution on Windows or Android OS is a perfect method for easy  location of person or office or searched target from the point of Touch Informative Kiosk. Wayfinding Software along with integration of Digital Signage software helps companies to advertise and build a brand value along with pathfinding display. All that is needed is to develop a beautiful layout, insert maps, pin down the location and software will do the rest of creating the paths automatically.

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