Ampacto Digital Signage at Delhi Duty Free Airport

About This Project


Duty-free Retailer Secures Merchandise and SalesDelhi Duty Free launched in 2010, is a Joint Venture (DDF) that sells liquor, tobacco, fragrance, cosmetics, and confectionery products.As a part of country’s economic growth, recent expansion of the Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport created a significant business opportunity for Delhi Duty Free Services PVT Ltd. (DDFS), which operates five duty free shops at Terminal 3’s arrival and departure areas.



DDF wanted to implement a large-scale, high-resolution display system to deliver advertising content to the thousands of passengers roaming on Delhi International Airport.They had deployed video walls (large and bright) and single screens to capture the attention of a moving audience at one of the busy airport at Delhi.They already had deployed signage software on their 6 videowalls and 21 single screens to accomplish their objectives of grabing attention as well as displaying duty free offers of various brands.However, they were not happy with Signage Solutions performance and service. They approached Solutions India to help them in finding and replacing signage software with a good vendor that would help them in utilizing the installed resources to the fullest capacity. Solution India contacted Jarma Technologies to provide their newly developed advanced digital signage solution “Ampacto”.



JARMA TECHNOLOGIES installed Ampacto Signage software on couple of Videowalls at DDF. Looking at the display result, performance and features present in Ampacto, they decided to get all the screens powered by Ampacto Signage. Currently 25 LED TV screens of 32 Inches in Vertical form are running offer content at each counter aile in sync mode. Similary Videowall details and what it is playing.



Within almost less then a month all the installation was completed and online training was provided to the Team present at Delhi Airport for administering and managing the content on all single screen as well as Videowalls. The most challenging part was to integrate all the digital displays in exact synchronization which was successfully accomplished (around 95%) by doing some customisation in the application to suit DDF’s requirement. DDFS is using Digital signage solution for Displaying Images, videos of their Products and also ongoing promos and offers.

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