Touch Overlay


Jarma Touch Overlays


Convert Any Normal Screens to Touch Screens with Touch Overlay technology. No matter the size or type of screen you need to adapt, Jarma offers multi touch solutions to meet your needs, all utilizing best available technology.   Touch solutions offer a variety of advanced features:

  • They are available in sizes ranging from 26” to 120”, having a narrow bezel size of 19 mm and metal framed touch screen.
  • No special setup or calibration is required to run just install a small application and connect to simple USB port
  • Power supplied from USB directly, no external power needed
  • Our Infrared Touch Overlay solutions can have from 2 point touch to 10 touch points.
  • IR touch panel is low-maintenance and able to withstand harsh environments or rugged applications
  • Supports Operating System like windows, Linux and Android.

Touch Application Usages:


a. Boardroom Presentations


b. Education


c. Self Service Kiosk


d. Way finding Kiosk at Malls & Airports.