Tata Communication is the leading provider of A New World of Communications to enterprise customers and service providers worldwide.  A $3.2 billion company is Headquartered in Mumbai and Singapore and it has more than 8500+ employees across 38 countries.


The Need

Tata Communication team was searching for a communication tool for employee communication which would help sending important messages to employees and gain their immediate attention and this to be be achieved by not increasing the email load.


The Solution

Snapcomms internal employee communication software provided the exact solution of what was required at Tata. The local hosted model of Snapcomms was provided with One Channel – Desk Alert. The Corporate Communication Team was trained on the software and guided on how to use the channel for effective communication. Around 12,000 employees spread across India and abroad are now targeted with Snapcomms Desk Alert Channel where important, essential and cut through messaging is necessary.


The Result

The Communications Team is happy that with this new and innovative solution, their requirement of gaining employees attention without sending emails every now and then are met instantly. Also the team can now easily measure and analyse the success percentage of the Message communicated to targeted employees thereby helping in gaining control on internal communication via reporting section.

One Channel used by Tata Comm:

  • Desktop Alert – Currently important information and announcement messages on special customized desk alert template are published via pop up option to employee’s computer screens.