Quick Service Restaurants

AMPACTO Digital Signage in QSR

Digital Signage may quickly become popular as a standard fixture in the restaurant and QSR space.

The restaurant industry has the most potential to benefit greatly from electronic signs that are capable of being updated as often as needed so promotional items are able to be changed daily on demand.

Cost savings, up-sell opportunities and many other benefits combined with local and federal Legislation regarding display of nutritional information are driving national and international chains to consider upgrading their menu boards to digital counterparts.

InfoKliks Digital Signage can provide one of the best solutions for QSR. Restaurants can now show Menus boards, Promotions, New items etc to the right customers at the right time. What you gain is the ability to influence the customer’s decisions and experience while at your restaurants from an enterprise level.

You’ll also get an award-winning creative team focused exclusively on the restaurant industry. Eye-catching content displaced on the screen can decrease a customer’s perceived wait time, and also draws customer’s attention, increasing the opportunity to up-sell or introduce customer to new items and reducing the number of returns to the counter.

Control every aspect of InfoKliks digital menu boards from a single location. Whether you want to quickly change the price or promote a limited time offer, one click on your computer can change a single or group of stores.


  •  Ease of menu changes for new items, pricing, sold-out items, etc.
  •  Ease of menu changes to accommodate new local, state, federal & international menu board regulations regarding ingredients.
  •  Up-sell & promote new items with strategic integration of dynamic displays.
  •  Day-part scheduling to show different menus based on time of day/day of week.
  •  Remotely update menu from any Internet location. (Central control of content)
  •  Enhances the customer experience & helps reduce perceived wait times.
  •  Ensures a visual consistency & compliance across multiple locations.
  •  Display emergency messaging.
  •  Incorporate live info-tainment to entertain & inform guests in dining areas.
  •  Green Friendly. No repeated reprinting of menus means less landfill, printing & delivery of replaced static menu board displays.
  •  Use as in-house training for staff during off hours.
  •  Incorporate HR, upcoming events, specials and other customer targeted messaging.
  •  Cost-effective promotions.
  •  Eliminate recurring costs associated with printing and shipping of static materials.


With InfoKliks Queue Management Add-On Module, Quick Service Restaurants can ensure customers are indeed served accordingly (First come, first served basis) thus enables a serene and stress-free waiting (without having to wait in a queue, one behind the other)


  •  Streamline your customer order flow and branch operation.
  •  Improve the level of service, enabling focused improvement for specific customer segments and services.
  •  Entertain waiting customers with integrated digital signage.
  •  Increase sales by leveraging digital advertising, customer satisfaction and agent sale-tips.

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