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About This Project

About This Project

The Raymond Group was incorporated in 1925; and within a span of a few years, transformed from being an Indian textile major to being a global conglomerate., they are using our Meeting Room Display solution to digitally display meeting schedules outside the meeting room.

Raymond’s Requirement:

  • Enhanced Meeting Room booking system.
  • Can be Managed Centrally from one location
  • Integration with the Microsoft Exchange Server

Our Solution

  • 7” Inch Android Tablet with Room Reserve Application installed in it.
  • This helps them manage the Meeting Rooms Centrally with a option of quick book from the tablet itself.
  • Configured through the MS Exchange server, so users can book the rooms from their Outlook calendar.
  • If required Meeting time booked can be Extended from the display tablet
  • The Display of the Tablet turns red when the meeting in on and when there is no meeting there it turn green for easy recognition from far away.

Technology Results

  • Strong user experience. Using android tablets with the latest version provides the employees with a strong touch based experience and helps streamline device Management.
  • Proper Management. The application helps people know which room is booked and meeting going ON and which is the next meeting due. In case they find room available they can book the room from the tablet itself.
  • Easy to Use, Operate and User friendly.
  • State of the art look outside the meeting room enhancing the brand value.

System Integrator: DNV Security Solutions

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