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Digital Signage for Rooms

Book from Calendar

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Don’t rush for meeting rooms at the last moment.

RoomReserve is an Advanced Meeting Room Booking Solution for you.

Room Reserve is a dynamic scheduler software which allows you to quickly and efficiently book and arrange meetings and other real and virtual gatherings with in corporate offices, hospitality & tourism, convention centres and hospitals having meeting rooms, banquet halls and conference rooms. Up to date meeting information can be displayed with room signage. It also allows spot booking, end or extend the meeting and check availability for future timings.



SAAS & Local

No software setup in your server. On sign up, we will configure your booking engine. Local install option available

Multi user

Multi User Login

In-Built user security module with 3 different roles. Role based operation restrictions.


Multi Calendar Integration

Works on Application Calendar & Gmail Calendar

Color coding

Color Coding

User wise color coding of the bookings for easy identification.


Spot Booking

Check out today’s schedule. Book any available spot from the room display.


End or Extend Meeting

Want to end early or extend your booking, no problem, do it from the room display without any assistance


Easy Configuration

Easily integrates with Gmail & Exchange server with Cloud service.


Email Invitations

Send out meeting invitation to all the attendees at the time of booking


Dynamic Display

Customise your meeting room display template with ease.


Spot Booking

Instantly book the available room from the meeting display without

RoomReserve Display Example Outside Meeting Room

With Room Reserve application one can book the meeting or conference room (available Local as well as on Cloud) with Gmail Calendar Or Online Outlook Account or it can be used with its own inbuilt calendar. With inbuilt calendar you can view the booking schedule of all rooms & book from any PC or Mobile Phone by entering an fixed URL path. There is also an option of spot booking if you wish to book from outside the meeting room via Quickbook option





















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