Touch Kiosk

Kiosks are a self-service, touch screen product that allow customers to complete self-service transactions, expand inventory reach by providing in-store access to online products, and help build customer loyalty. Brand marketers use kiosks to educate potential customers, getting a consistent message across without employing sales people. The touch interface is universal and can be used by anyone regardless of language, education, or socioeconomic or cultural background.

Below are some of the vast range of applications using Touch technology and Touch applications in Self-service Kiosks:


  • Multimedia touch interactive booths provide information to shoppers or services & specifications on consumer electronics
  • BANK ATMS help quick processing and instant service to its customers
  • POS and merchandising kiosks can be used for advertising, supply in-store product information and promotional displays and, in some cases, even dispense products
  • Employment application-tracking systems ease the recruitment process
  • Return and refund kiosks speed the processing of returned merchandise
  • Gift registry kiosks make it easy for customers to find the right gift
  • Customer loyalty program kiosks encourage purchases that generate rewards
  • Digital photo stations enable self-service printing and picture sharing
  • Kiosk at Banks, Service Stations, Hospitals can help generate Token Numbers thereby promoting workflow efficiency.