Flight Information Display System


Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is a solution that displays flight information to passengers such as estimated time of arrival, estimated time of departure, gate number etc. The flight information display can also be integrated with our most advanced digital signage to show advertising.

There’s a lot an airport staff has to deal with. Constantly changing flight times, passengers etc..  Our most advanced digital flight information display system has been designed to help ease these problems and provide timely and accurate flight information to the travelers.



Web Based Solution

Access the application from the cloud (WEB) or on premise (LAN). Information punched in will be successfully displayed on the selected.


Flight Arrival & Departure Status (FADS)

Display flight details in a customizable manner along with the airline carrier logos & in-built animations to achieve world class display standards.


Passenger Information System (PIS)

Guide passengers correctly to the counters, gates & belts to get maximum efficiency in airline time management.

Multi user

Emergency Display

Override scheduled content with emergency messages in case of need for evacuation or to help passengers.