Digital Signage Essential during Covid 19

Digital Signage Essential during Covid 19

Digital Signage Software – Essential during Covid – 19 Times:

In Today’s changed world (after spread of Corona Worldwide) it has become very very important to protect, safeguard, educate and be alert for oneself and others from Corona Virus and its spread. More importantly during lock-down in Hospitals, Clinics, Chemist Shops, Supermarkets and after unlock of other Retail Shops, Offices, Industries and other sectors from 2 months lock-down period.
Digital Signage plays an important role in communicating, reinforcing, reassuring, reminding, informing the importance of how we can safeguard our self and our colleagues from this deadly virus. Centrally Managing either single screen or multiple screens across offices with running Covid-19 Prevention Videos, Images, Information, Latest updates helps in applying and following of regular good health practices and essential guidelines for Staff, Customers, Front line workers thereby preventing from Corona and its Spread.

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