Mumbai has been a home to over 50,000 movies running on screens of various cinema houses.Bahar cinema located between Andheri and Vile parle station is one of the oldest movie theatre in town,yet continues to screen fabulous films for loyal patrons.Over the period of time people choose this cinema for its good ambience to spend their quality time with their dear ones.


Bahar cinema owner was looking for a changeover for its food courts as food have become an important part in Cinema which improves customer movie viewing experience .In their cinema customers were facing lots of issues while placing their orders due to the long queues and crowd and mismanagement during movie intervals.It caused a lot of inconvenience to the food attendants also as there may be some sort of misunderstanding while taking their orders and customers have to stand in a long queue.


Constantly challenged by customers’ needs while trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, Cinema owners planned to switch in their menu board from static to dynamic that displays a variety of contents to attract attention of customers..Here when Jarma technologies came into picture and was contacted to install digital menu board for their food court. Using our web-based content management software AMPACTO in two screens of 43″inches each for displaying menus that provide flexibility for managements to change menu item, price, and promotions faster and easier.These shows Happy Hour Specials and All-You-Can-Drink information and many more promos and promotions. digital menu boards using AMPActo makes operations more efficient, allows easy update of menus, improves queue management and lowers marketing and advertising overhead, ultimately generates more in-store traffic and revenue.


Digital Signage for Food Advertising is just not the good idea but it’s a great call for todays digital age.This makeover in cinema improved cinema lovers experience with snacks of their choices beating long queues in short time getting the best choices with specifies price ranges in advance. This menu boards not only added a sleek, modern look and feel to the cinema, but also enhanced customer’s movie experiences and got instant increased ROI.

Over recent times, Jarma Technologies has seen the increase in inquiries for digital menu boards from small fast food stores, takeaway shops, and cafes. Our cost effective solutions allows the owners to present their menus dynamically and professionally in same way as the larger restaurant chains.