Content Designing & Creation

Jarma Technologies specialises in Content Designing and Creation of images and videos as per the clients requirement. Jarma has its own team of designers and also partners that provide service of content designing. Visual Content like images, videos, animation, flash files, Websites etc.. or even content writers, editors, film making services are provided by Jarma & its Partners.

Creative Designs & Content

Digital Menu Board


Multiple customized templates and videos can be designed for Digital menuboard that are useful in Quick Service Restaurants


Corporates & MNC


Important Communication messages in form of Images, Videos, News etc.. can be shown effectively with our multi format customized designs that match the company theme & focuses on important goal of communication. Corporate Videos, training & safety videos etc.. too are designed for companies that range from SME to large organisations.

Healthcare Content


We specialize in content design for healthcare where we help design videos, images, directory etc.. for hospitals, pharma companies, clinics. Doctors profile, achievements, latest news, offerings, pricing etc.. are contents that can be designed and shown on big TV screens and Videowalls.


Educational Content


Digital Contents like School or University Events in form of Videos, Images, time table, digital notice board, canteen content, school awards etc.. can created and shown on screens to highlight and get parents attention