Cipla, a global pharmaceutical company incorporated in 1935 has more than 20000+ employees, over 1500 products and presence in more than 150+ countries.

The Challenge/Need

Cipla’s Goa unit was looking for a digital solution where they can display their everyday production numbers along with other data across their office on LED Screens. They publish everyday production numbers where in the data comes three times in a day. These data is put in Power point Slides and emailed to the concerned teams to know the variation in the production process. To reduce this manual process they were looking for some sort of digitalisation and automation of the process where display of numbers can be seen on Big TV screens without too much use of manual resources and the numbers be put only once on a central computer.

The Solution

System Integrator – Continental Technology Solutions provided Cipla with Wallflower Digital Signage solution. With the Signage software the Power Point files were shared in the central media library, the process data numbers was inserted in the file and numbers were updated at fixed intervals via signage software. The updated data was automatically picked by the signage software and displayed on 40” inch LED screens. The Power point files were scheduled in three different time zones as per the updation process. As soon as the data got updated the file would refresh and the new data would start displaying on screens. No manual intervention was required since everything was automated by pre-scheduling in the Wallflower Software. All that Production team needed to do is update the shared power point file by inserting the numbers and click on save button in the software. The displays updated instantly and kept running till the time they are scheduled.

The Result

The operational team were happy with the solution since it saved their resources effort and time of manual updating the numbers everyday (three times a day) and email it. It became more convenient and attractive since the numbers and graphs were being displayed on Big LED screens and not on the notice boards or on emails. As a result they are now planning to set up the same architecture of Digital Signage in their other newly constructed unit in Pune along with other signage others features like displaying welcome messages, training videos, company achievements etc.