Bajaj Finserv Limited
 is the holding company for the businesses dealing with financial services of the Bajaj Group. The core businesses of Lending, Insurance and Wealth Advisory are managed by Bajaj FInserv.


The Need

Bajaj Finserv team were looking for a solution which helps them in reducing email overload and a tool whereby they can target the employees with important messages bypassing the email. The tool should have a reporting function in which they can check & verify if the employee has received the message, read the message and actioned on it.


The Solution

Snapcomms internal employee communication software was the perfect solution of what was required at Bajaj. The local hosted model of Snapcomms was provided to Bajaj with 2 different channels to be used for internal employee communication. Their IT Team was trained on the software and guided on how to use the channels for effective communication. 7,000+ employees spread across India are now targeted with snapcomms two channels of communication from Central server.


The Result

From the year 2015 of using the Snapcomms solution the IT & Marketing Team is happy that it met their expectation and improved the overall communication process at Bajaj Finserv. There are no more email overload, missing important emails, spam mails etc which has helped them saving lot of time and resources for the company.

Two Channels used by Bajaj Finserv are:

  • Desktop Alert – They publish important information and announcement messages via pop ups. Employee Computers Wallpaper policy is also managed through Snapcomms Wallpaper Channel centrally.
  • Scrolling Ticker – Events, Reminders, Updates and ‘RSS’ Feed are rolled out to all or targeted employees via using ticker channel.